"The very best beef we can raise to provide a delicious and healthy eating experience for you and your family."

At G4 Beef, our focus Is combining two great beef breeds to produce the most tender, delicious beef eating experience possible. ½ Wagyu, ½ Brangus, and dry aged for 30 days...this combination makes for the perfect piece of tender, delicious, and healthy American Wagyu Beef. Our beef animals are never implanted with hormones and are fed an all natural diet.



  • - Cliff

    "I have enjoyed multiple cuts from G4 Beef, and all of them were extremely tender and flavorful.  I have eaten at some of the best steak restaurants and purchased dry aged prime or choice steaks from various meat markets across Texas and none compared to these in flavor and tenderness.  I have served this for multiple family members and friends.  All were amazed that this beef came from a local family owned ranch!  Great steaks and service; I highly recommend!"

  • - Chad

    "Bringing a 5 star restaurant quality steak to your backyard grill is as TEXAS as it gets. Not to mention knowing exactly where that animal was fed and harvested. G4 Beef is the ultimate field to table experience and your taste buds will certainly notice the difference. Make a trip to their store and grab the cuts yourself. Great service and great beef."

  • - Joe

    "If you are looking for Wagyu Beef; look no further than G4 Ranch! We bought some Ground Beef 80/20; 100% Beef Sausage, Picana (Brazilian Cut) Beef; Ribeyes and Tenderloin Filets to try. WOW! The marbling and flavor of the meat was phenomenal and the experience of the purchase helped to make our experience memorable! We will definitely be back to purchase and try more of this and some other cuts as well! Thank you G4 for your hospitality and great cuts of Beef!"

  • - Brian

    "We have purchased the Ribeyes, Strips, 80/20 ground and Sausage. Really enjoyed the steaks. Marbling was perfect and overall flavor was off the charts. Can’t say enough about the sausage. It’s like a filet in a sausage casing. Really good stuff. Ground comes in 1 pound sealed packaging is a breeze to cook with during the work week. Texture and flavor are much better than store bought grass fed beef. Overall a 10/10 so far with all of our G4 Beef purchases. Definitely will be buying more in the future."

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